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about us

For over 30 years furniture refinishing has been the signature service at FINIsmith. In the time since, we have steadily increased our knowledge base of hands-on project experience and working with clients. We have also learned a great deal from attending advanced workshops and from our relationships with our product vendors.

David Smith, Master Finisher

"Refinishing is the best solution for many of the cases that come to us. Most of these items are in such poor condition or altered by paint or other previous refinishing work such that stripping and replacement with an appropriate finish is the only way to restore beauty and function to the piece.


Refinishing furniture entails more to us than just stripping the wood, applying stain and spraying lacquer. It starts with a thorough inspection of the piece to understand what it requires to look great and function as it should. An essential part of this process understands your desires and expectation for the project." - David Smith, Master Finisher, FINIsmith


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